Photo Wizard Logiciel photo basique et simple Photo Wizard est un outil un peu en hors normes. Le packet d’installation le plus récent disponible pèse Ce logiciel PC peut gérer les extensions de fichiers suivantes: Il permet aussi le balisage géographique, le partage sur les réseaux sociaux, l’ajout des effets artistiques à vos images, et encore plus. Les fonctions de base disponibles sont l’ajout Would seem to suit someone who just needs this simplicity and doesn’t wish to learn programs like Photoshop and Gimp which I use as part of photography courses I teach and which can both do everything this does and more. Obviously with such a huge download it has to do more than this and so I went to their help file.

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Le packet d’installation le plus récent disponible pèse Installed and runs fine on Windows 8. Autorisez des notifications sur votre navigateur. You can do cropping, resizing, correcting brightness and contrast, adjusting the white balance, and sharpening, etc. Activation a simple process.

Never miss all the cool giveaways: Cliquez ici pour recevoir des notifications des nouveaux giveaways sur votre navigateur. L’offre gratuite du jour pour Helicon Filter Stereo 5. Helicon Filter est un éditeur d’image qui s’adapte aux débutants comme aux utilisateurs experts. Toutes les corrections que vous faites sont appliquées sur une copie de l’image créée automatiquement, afin de vous permettre de toujours avoir votre image originale.

Helicon Filter possède aussi une fonctionnalité d’impression conçue spécifiquement pour l’impression des images — Helicon Print. Il permet aussi le balisage géographique, le partage sur les réseaux sociaux, l’ajout des effets artistiques à vos images, et encore plus. Helicon Focus est conçu pour surmonter le problème superficiel de fusion de plusieurs images en un seule image entièrement focalisée. Faites plusieurs clichés en touchant légèrement le focus, et ouvrez la pile toute entière dans Helicon Focus pour faire de cela une image bien mise au point.

Avec Helicon Remote, vous pouvez contrôler votre appareil Canon ou Nikon DSLR à distance, ce qui vous permet non seulement de changer les paramètres de l’appareil à distance, et faire des clichés sans la toucher, mais aussi de faire le focus automatisé DoFet le bracketing automatisé HDR et la photographie laps de temps.

helicon filter

Scan rapide des images, configuration pratique de deux panneaux, recherche simple des images, et identifications des doublons, protection fiable et intelligente des images, comparaison d’image, évaluation, partage sur les réseaux, et une douzaine de caractéristiques simples et avancées qui changera la gestion de votre routine image en un passe temps agréable.

Programme successfully downloaded onto W7. But it claims both to be activated helion to be 30 day trial only. If so, valid for how long?. Not possible to install on my XP system, installed and registered without difficulty on my Win 7 test drive.

Yet again another mud coloured interface thankfully brightened up by the demo images rich colours. Obviously with such a huge download it has to do more than this and so I went to their help file. It would appear it is a real powerhouse, according to their help file, the link below shows its capabilities, maybe cilter reading before you download everything. This alone would make me want to keep it as my organisation of images is non-existent.


It looks like it fklter real potential somewhere in it many hidden features, and if it would fillter XP I could certainly make use of it.

Processed by: Helicon Filter; – Cap Vers L’Est

XP-Man I too wondered what the potential under the hood is like, and it was Softpedia website that has many screenshots of key features for todays GOTD offer. The further that Adobe moves from the domestic user market to the professional — and make no mistake, the company’s decision to adopt fllter pricing for its products is merely business-use leasing by another name — the greater the opportunity there will be for image editing software that the customer can actually own to seize the audience Adobe helicob so senselessly abandoned.

There are, of course, a number of such commercial programs already out there, including Serif’s offering which I find over-rated and Filetr which I find under-rated: What, then, of today’s giveaway? The verdict has to be that it’s good — and well on its way to being very, very good indeed. It’s clear that a lot of thought and time and sheer hard work has gone into its development; it’s also clear that here is developer which really cares about its customers: For that reason alone, I’d advise everyone to grab today’s giveaway with both hands.

Software as thoughtfully helicpn and carefully evolved as this has obviously taken quite some time to get to where helicob is today. Equally, that imposes on any reviewer the obligation to spend quite some time with it before pronouncing yay or nay.

Helicon filter pour windows

A day simply isn’t long enough, so I’ll confine my own thoughts to the following: That really is something of an omission, the ability to add instant « punch » to an image; Helicon needs to address this sooner rather than fi,ter. Unlike, for instance, Photoshop, where all effects can be graduated gilter sliders on an easy, incremental percentage basis — for example: Fine tuning would be appreciated. I thought the green backwards and forwards arrows on the toolbar related to the undoing and re-doing of actions, but it doesn’t.

Instead, a history panel chronicles the effects applied in a check-box sequence; you untick an effect you decide you don’t want and that’s it, the effect is removed in its entirety.

Again, the ability to actually graduate those effects — the equivalent of ‘fade’ in Photoshop — is considerably more desirable than wholesale deletion, whilst a simple « Undo » button would seem to be paramount in re-touching and cloning helifon seeing as how all such work involves a multiplicity of steps, not every one of which the user may wish to have cancelled out.

That said though, the riches here far outweigh the niggles.


This is, as noted, a surprisingly good program, one backed by a commendable developer and with a user forum, too: Helicon may not yet be up there with the greats but it’s well on its way; anyone looking for a quality image editing product really should capitalise on today’s fllter before the clock runs out. Hi, I already have ‘Helicon Photo Safe’ ver 3. I always find that type of ‘cooperation’ very helpful, and in Programs that allow it helicoon nothing better than on-bar buttons to switch between, like in this case.

Personally, what I find most useful here is it’s Section – ‘Distortions Correcting’, and without reaching for manual adjustments – Presets there are pretty intuitive, doing job on the spot quite well, so having them ‘on tap’ on the right side of a picture is really cool. In both Programs the only Feature I cannot figure out is Histogram in Expert Mode ‘not doing anything’ when sliding the mouse, so that remains puzzling.

In Frames, description on filterr website claims: Where are they to be found? When checking that Section the only ‘frame’ I could find was solid pink one with flowers around, not going anywhere on my picture. Is it a layer? Thanks for this Giveaway useful Tool! For me – worth keeping. Installed and runs fine on Windows 8. Activation a filteer process. A helicno simple program to use with a basic set of operations and filters.

Would seem to suit someone who just needs this simplicity and doesn’t wish to learn programs like Photoshop and Gimp which I use dilter part of photography courses I teach and which can both do everything this does and more. The only negative comment I have is the price which is way to high for a program like this. This is their most powerful license option which they did not have to offer.

helicon filter

Most offers here are 1 year only. Official information is on the license webpage: No, thanks Yes, I’d like to. Ne manquez aucun giveaways. Autorisez des notifications sur votre navigateur. Télécharger la version d’essai de Helicon Filter Stereo 5. Joyoshare Media Cutter for Windows 3. Helicon Soft Page web: Titres en vedette Helicon Focus. Commentaires sur Helicon Filter Stereo 5. Please add a comment explaining the reason behind your vote.

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